Can Fermented Grapes Make You Drunk

Growing Grapes in Texas Jim Kamas Central Texas Gardener

I love Tait Moring's sense ofgardening style. Thanks so much for opening your gates for us. Right now we're going to talk aboutgrowing grapes. One of the hottest topics here in Texas because of all the wineries. We have Jim Kamas with us. It's great to have you back on theprogram. Welcome. Thanks, Tom, I appreciate it. Welcome back to Central Texas Gardener. You've just published a great new bookGrowing Grapes in Texas.

Congratulations on that! Thanks a lot. It took a couple years to get done, but I'm I'm pretty happy with it. Well you know, like I said, it's a hottopic. A lot of people are very interested in growing grapes in their backyard. Maybe one ofthose famous table grapes, like Concord or something like that. Well Concord ispretty tough to grow here. Concord likes acid soils which we don'thave. And it's much more adapted a cooler climates. If you wanted to grow Fredonia or some of the other lebrusca types, they'll work, but

Concord is a pretty tough one to grow here. Ok, well your book is filled with tips aboutvarieties and things like that. Let's focus on that home grower. You know , I know for example I go out to hillcountry every now and again to go to Fredericksburg, places around there. And I see wineries springing up like mushrooms now. And it kinda makes me wanna grow grapeshere in town. What does a home gardner need to know to get startedé Well if you're a homeowner and you want to grow enough vines to produce a little bit of wine

my advice is plant what you like. If you're planting a commercial vineyards we're going to have a very different discussion. But if you like Merlot, plant Merlot. If you like Syrah, plant Syrah. For smallscale, you have no big economicinvestment, so plant what you like and go with that. Yeah okay, that makes sense. In terms of the space needs, the sun,

all those kinds of things, grapes arerather particular and disease prone. Yes. So let's give people an idea of whatthe basics are that they would need to have any kind of success. Sure. Commercially our rows are spaced nine to ten feet apart, but in the backyard if you are maintaining the row centers with alawnmower or something, you can place the rows as close as six feet apart.And you can also go as tight as five to six feet between vines. You can put a lot of vines in arelatively small space.

So small space is OK. When we talk about the rows, we are talking about providing structures on which the the vines can grow and supportthemselves. Yes, a lot of times in California you'll see these free standing vines that are called head pruned vines. They don't do very well here because we need to keep our vines up off the ground because it rains here duringthe summer and they are very disease prone as you mentioned.

How to make apple cider homemade recipe without yeast

Hello, friends! Today I'll show you how to make homemade cider! This year I make it from red sweet and green tart apples and sweet and balmy pears. Last year my roamer broke down, that's why I'll use a chopper. After one and half an hour of grinding and our apples and pears became a pot of pulp. Now it has to be pressed by using of cheese cloth. I've got about 9L of juice, so let's determine it's sweetness! I use areometer

Well, this juice includes 12% of sugar, so after fermentation it will be about.56% ABV. I poured it in equal parts Coz of not washing the apples, there must be wild yeast. So, juice must ferment by itself Cover it with cheese cloth and wait till fermenting. Wouldbe cider's the second day under fermentation lock The fermentation process is OK

Let's wait till fermenting out! 5 days ago cider has fermented out its sugar Now I rack it off I've tested it and I think it's too lowalcoholic I've decided to put another 50g of sugar per 1 Liter. Pour it into the jars and leave it for postfermentation. As yet it's like a young wine to the taste, but smells like cider. Cover with fermentation lock and let it ferment.

After 6 days I rack it off and brighten I'm using bentonite it's special clay. I add to bentonite some water for mixing it till thick condition. Close up the jar and shake well Shake it during the day 23 times then leave it for a few days till it becomes bright and clear. After 4 days cider became bright and precipitated out It's not so much bright as I expected but yet.

Now I rack it off again And as always quality control! The smell is nice feels apple and pear. To the taste. it's dry.! Now let's carbonize our cider. The bottles you see I've antiseptisized by iodine water and washed by water. Then I put into each bottle 1 TBSP of sugar and bottle cider I void about 35 cm from the neck

Then I leave cider for about 2 weeks in dark place at room temperature for carbonization. Hello everybody! Today I gonna test cider made from soursweet apples and sweet pears After 3 days of carbonization I've noticed, that bottles are too soft and a thought has struck me, that bentonite has eaten wild yeast and cider has nothing for carbonization and I made a little trick: I've put into each bottle a pinch of wine yeast and a bit of sugar Now let's check out what we have!

Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits

Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits tutorial at the Healthy Lifestyle Get Well Stay Well channel hi all thanks for hitting the playbutton to watch this tutorial about the newly discoveredbenefits of red wine okay then you've probably heard that red wine can be a veryhealthy drink option but you likely only heard about generic benefitsof the antioxidants

and resveratrol in red wine A study published in the american journal of al nurition about Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits reported that people who drink twoglasses of red wine per day dry red wine not sugary dessert wines had higher levels of beneficialbacteria in their gut and lower levels of pathogenic badbacteria in their gut this is great news as you know howvastly important your gut flora balance

is to everything from your digestionimmunity metabolism skin health and much more but the powerful health benefits ofred wine don't stop there another exciting part of this study isthat the red wine drinkers also decreased systolic and diastolic bloodpressure triglycerides LDL cholesterol and CRP creactive protein CRP is a measure ofoverall inflammation in your body

so it's great to see an associationbetween red wine and reduced inflammation but the powerful health benefits of redwine don't even stop there to find out all of the health benefits ofred wine and which ones offer these powerful health benefits use the link below in the descriptionsection to check out the full article on this the link below will take you to thenutrition antiaging Health News daily

by Mike Geary Certified NutritionSpecialist I'm sure you like me want to live ahealthy happy life right so go check it out to also seewhat foods you need to avoid that may be destroying your healthcausing weight gain and accelerating aging please share thistutorial with your friends to pass on this important information best wishes to you What Are The Benefits Of Red Wine 1. Lower your cholesterol

2. Protect your heart 3. Control blood sugar 4. Boost your brain 5. Benefits Of Red Wine For Skin Red Wine Is Good For You Red Wine How Much Is Good for You no more then 2 glasses a day Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits watchév=tdF8lB6EMJg.

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