Can Eating Grapes Make You Drunk

Umbrella Kniffin System for Growing Grapes

David Handley: I'm David Handley, with theUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension, and we're here to talk about pruning grapes.Very simple system for farnorthern production. Here in Maine, we need to protect the vinesas best we can through the winter, but at the same time try to get enough light andexposure to the canes that we're going to get good fruit set, and good fruit quality. One of the systems you can use for labruscatype or concord type grapes, which are the ones that do best here in Maine, which isthe umbrella kniffin. As opposed to the four arm kniffin, the umbrella kniffin puts allof its canes up at the top, or the first year

growth that's going to fruit. What we're talking about with cane growthhere is one yearold growth that has a chocolate brown color, and nice smooth bark with budson it. We're going to be saving four canes, plus the permanent trunk, to give us all ofour fruiting structure. Everything else is going to be coming off of here, and that includesanything that fruited last year. You can tell the two yearold canes, or thecanes that fruited last year, because they'll be thicker, and they'll have gray, peelingbark. All of these are going to come off, and we're going to save the one yearold canewith the chocolate brown color, and the smooth

bark. The first step in pruning is to look at ourpermanent trunk and remove all of the two yearold growth, the growth that fruited lastyear, saving a few canes that we'll be using for fruiting this year. Our first step isto cut some of these off, looking at that older bark there. We just cut that out, getit right out of there. This will open up the planting, and that twoyearold wood is not going to fruit. Unless we take it out, we'll find that our fruitingwood gets further and further away from the trunk. Part of the reason we're pruning isto keep that fruiting wood concentrated right

near the trunk. With the umbrella kniffin, which is what we'repruning to here, we're only going to maintain four of those fruiting canes. We want themall concentrated near the top of the trunk, or the top wire on our twowire trellis. We'regoing to take each of the canes that remain behind. As you can see here, here's my nicefruiting cane, smooth bark. All these are buds that are going to breakand give us long, green shoots that will have bunches of grapes on them. We're going todrape them over the top wire, and then we're going to attach them to the bottom wire, togive you that kind of quot;umbrellaquot; look, thus

the name of the system called the quot;umbrellakniffin.quot; Then we're going to cut off the ends of thecanes, so that there's only about 10 buds on each one. We just count those from thetrunk. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. If I need to leave one ortwo on there to make it reach the bottom wire, that's fine. I'll just go to where I can attachthis to the bottom wire, like that. I need two for the other side, to completeour umbrella. You can see this leaves me with several other fruiting canes, and I need tosave some of those as well, but they don't need to be as long. What I'm calling theseare quot;renewal spurs,quot; because we need the buds

from these shoots to come out and give uscane that we'll be able to put up on the wire next year. For every fruiting cane that I'm leaving behind,I also need to cut some renewal cane, or renewal spurs, to provide us with fruiting wood fornext year. I just cut these back to one or two buds, and if they're not where I wantthem I can cut them off completely. But for every fruiting cane, I need to leave at leastone renewal spur. I tend to leave a couple of extra renewalspurs here in Maine, because I'm very sensitive to the fact that I'm likely to get winterinjury almost every year.

Cotton Candy Grapes Taste Test

(playful music) Hi, my name is Jim Beagle, I'm one of the owners atGrapery along with Jack Pandol. And today we're in acotton candy vineyard. We're involved in a breeding program where we breed new grape varieties. It's all natural, nonGMO and we've been able to come up with

some really great flavors in grapes. One of the first ones is cotton candy but we have many more to come. You know, just to seepeople eating healthy and enjoying eating healthy,it really motivates us. Cotton candy grapesé Never heard of such a thing. I don't know how a grapecan taste like cotton candy.

The fact that you'retelling me this grape is gonna taste like candy, creeps me out. They smell like normal grapes. Here we go, woo! Oh, that's so weird! Whoa, that tastes like cotton candy. Oh my God. Oh my goodness I can taste it.

I can taste the cotton candy. Wow For sure. I feel like I'm at the ballpark or the old carnival. If I burped in someone's face right now they'd be like, quot;Dude, you'vebeen eating cotton candy.quot;. It's like a flavortripping type of thing. You're expecting one thing,

but then you get somethingthat's slightly different. Now I don't know if I know what cotton candy tastes like anymore. It's like what youwish when you were a kid, like, quot;I wish this salad in mymouth tasted like a pizza.quot;. I think these'll be great for kids cuz it'll encourage them to eat fruit because it's fruit that tastes like candy.

Society teaches the kids that vegetables and fruit is gross, but like it tastes so good. Fruits and vegetables are delicious. If you're gonna breed candy into fruit, I'm in love with you. (playful music) I don't think I would want my wine

Peel a grape Surprising answers asking Japanese how they eat fruits

I eat it just like that. Same here. This has to be peeled! I don't peel that! WHATé! Have you tried a whole kiwié That's impossible! Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today we are gonna ask Japanese what fruits they would peel and what fruits they would not peel there seems to be a different level here. So let's compare and ask Japanese.

You can see a variety of fruits here. Yes. Which one of those would you peel before eatingé Cherriesé I don't peel them. No peeling. Nope. No. No peeling. No. I don't peel cherries. You don't see that at all. I won't peel them. Definitely no. I eat them just like that. Same here.

\ How about applesé I peel those! I eat them like that. WHATé! I sometimes peel them. Peel No peeling. How about applesé They have to be peeled. I don't peel them. Just like thaté I eat them just like that. I take the skin off. I eat apples just like that. So you can eat it with the peel still oné Totally ok! Both ok.

This has to be peeled. I don't peel that! WHATé! You have them like thaté Yeah I just bite right into them. The peel has to come off. Yes it does. But if the peel is cut in the shape of little bunny ears then I eat it like that. Have you ever eaten a whole apple with the peelé Never!!! I have. How about grapesé I take the skin off. Same here.

Yeah I take the peel off. Same here. I take that off.Me too. Have you ever tried grapes with the skin still oné NEVER. Me neither! I take the skin off the grapes! Me too. Have you ever tried grapes with the skin still oné Sometimes. Not really. I always take the skin off before eating them.

I don't take the skin off grapes. I eat them either way. I eat them both ways. If they are shriveled I take the skin off. I peel large grapes but not the little ones. Do you peel pearsé I peel those. Of course I peel them. I peel them! Me too! They get peeled! They have to be peeled! Peel! Pears have to be peeled!

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