Where Do Moscato Grapes Grow

Prairie Yard Garden Growing Grapes

(gentle music) Prairie Yard Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret YackelJuleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a nonprofit rural education retreat center in a beautiful

prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm, shalomhill Did you hear that a new crop is appearing on the prairieé Growing grapes has created an interest among a few individuals who like the challenge of adapting it to our region. Join me on Prairie Yard Garden as we visit a vineyard to learn about the process and challenges

of growing grapes on the prairie. (soft lighthearted music) A new crop has appeared on the prairie: growing grapes And today I have Florian Ledermann with me who's been involved with the process for the last four to five years. Florian welcome to the show and tell me, how did you get interested in growing grapesé ^We got interested actually at the

University of Morris's Horticultural Night. We sat down in a tent and learned that the university just released four new varieties of grapes that are actually coldhardy. And before that, I always kind of figured grapes were the crop that just kind of came up and never really bore and died every winter and died back. So that's what spiked our interest.

And so that very nextspring, we bought five. And they survived and I did a little more research and decided to go with an acre. And a year later, another acre so we ended up with 1,350 vines as a result of that little adventure in Morris. Larry That's interesting. 1,300 vines, how long does it take you

to put all those in the groundé Florian We used family labor. (Florian laughs) So we had, it took us, I think probably when we were planting, it took us about threedays to put one acre in. That would be for the planting. The posts and the trellis system and everything

Sutter Home Moscato

Something about the sweet, creamy, peach flavorof our Sutter Home Moscato makes you feel like maybe it shouldn't pair with dessertso much as replace it. This is an extravagantly perfumed wine, with beautiful scents of creamywhite peaches, rose petals, and lichee fruit. This luscious peach and honeydew melon flavorsare sweet and creamy, wellbalanced with good acidity and a long, lingering finish.Moscato comes from the Muscat grape—the same grape that is believed to be the ancestorfrom which all grapes descended. It is even estimated that as many as 200 clones of thegrape exist today. With such a heritage, how could we not bottle ité Our Sutter Home Moscatois one of America's great wine values. It's

perfect for anytime sipping—before or aftera meal. If the spread includes fresh fruit, light cheeses, fruit tarts or sorbets reachfor our Moscato with confidence. But don't limit your food choices to desserts. Spicydishes like Thai or Cajun entrees are wellsuited with Moscato as well. Try it with some pepperedfried chicken then pour another glass as dessert is served.

Wine Education 101 Alessandra Bera describes Moscato Bianco di Canelli

Moscato in our area, we are in Canelli, located in Canelli that is in the Asti Region, is called quot;Moscato Bianco di Canelliquot;. It is the same grape variety as the Moscato that you can find in the South of France, that is called Muscat Petits Graine, same variety but as it was planted in a in our regionespecially in Canelli

So many time, So long ago, that really the differences is linked to our soil and to the terroir where you can find it. It is quite different. If you if you do conventional growing so with fertilizers, then you canhave a big massive production of course also with a lot of big bunches of

grapes. Otherwise, no, in our area where we don't fertilize on our estate, it is all organically grown so, it is quite tiny, get very ripened, because theexposition is very good. The vines are on the hills, Not very high above sea level, around 250 meters, South exposition, so it really need

warm, it needs a very calcareous soil, like like we have. So you have this this freshness, this lightness in the aromas. But also wind and quite cool nights to have the the aroma to better expression the aroma of Moscato. We like to to have very well ripened grape to have a proper Moscato:

A Moscato that it is not just sweet, and light and refreshing but that is a little bit more more body, more structure so you have the the complexity of the wine the minerality, the acidity and the level of sugar gives the this freshness. It's very balanced so you fell the freshness on your palate.


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