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missouriwinery1 Missouri WineriesThe Experts at Chandler Hill a Missouri winery talk grape growing. More info 636798CORK.Also St. Louis MO, Augusta Mo Wineries, Hermann MO wineries, St. Genevieve MO wineries. Hi I'm Adam Burns with Chandler Hill Vineyards,the closest of the Missouri wineries to St. Louis. I often get questions about our wineries products,services or the winery itself People ask quot;What are the perfect growing conditionsfor MO grapeséquot; The answeré

The ideal temperature is a high in the upper80s and low in the mid 60s. The Missouri climate makes the state a great place for grapes.As any Missouri native can tell you, the state has long, hot summers with good sun exposure.This paired with the thin rocky Ozark soil is excellent for growing grapes. If you're on a quest to discover the bestMissouri wineries, then you're likely to visit the Hermann MO Wineries, Augusta MO Wineriesand the St. Genevieve MO Wineries. You might even check out some near Rock Port too, butif you live close to St. Louis and you're looking for a romantic getaway in Missouriwhy travel further than you needé

Also, If you run a business and you're lookingfor St. Louis activities to take you're team to, or if you're a maid of honor or brideto be and are looking for St. Louis wedding venues, or St. Louis wedding reception venuesthen look no further than Chandler Hill Vineyards, one of the best St. Louis attractions. For more information regarding our vineyards,visit us at the winery or online at chandlerhillvineyards Also, if you would like to get our specialoffer go to MissouriWinery1 .

Best Flowering Vines Clematis Parisienne Evipo 019

Hello, I'm David Wilson for GardenSplendor I want to tell you about a terrific new compact growing form of Clematis called Clematis Parisienne. Its part toRaymond Evison's Boulevard collection, andwhat makes this one outstanding is that it is very short and compact. Only growing about four foot tall, and itis marvelous for putting on places like mailboxes, low fences. perhaps around a swimming pool,

or a veranda, or somewhere like that. And, because it short and compact, and literally covered withflowers from top to bottom, it will make an idealplant for putting in containers too. So ifyou've got some pots on a deck or a patio, or a balcony. Thinkabout using some Clematis Parisienne. I think you're going to like how it does for you

Planting Garden Vines Family Plot

Hi Joellen! We have vines here. Vines! We want to try to cover this fence withthese vines. With these vines, okay. All right. And we're next to the garden, here, so wewant to attract some butterflies. Chris Sure. And bees and help pollinate the garden.So, we want somethin' that's gonna bloom throughout

the growing season. And that's what you needto consider when you are selecting a vine. Chris Okay. What is the vine's purpose in your gardenéI mean, is it supposed to just cover a trellis or an entrywayé Is it gonna be around a featureéOr is it gonna be a standalone planté And what are you trying to doé Are you tryin'to screen somethingé Do you need an evergreen vineé There are several evergreen vines outthere. Carolina jasmine is one. Chris Yeah, I'm familiar with that. And the Clematis armand is another one.But that's not our focus, here. Our focus

is to have it blooms as much of the seasonas we possibly can, so we have chosen two vines. One's native, is a honeysuckle, andthis is a red blooming variety that will bloom the majority of the summer. Okay. And is sempervirens and I believe this isMr. Wheeler. And this one is a Clematis that blooms a large part of the summer. It maynot bloom in the very heat of the summer, but it will when it's not really, really hotoutside. Chris Okay.

It'll bloom before and then after it. After it, okay. So, and it's a nice purple color that'llattract birds, and butterflies, and bees. Chris Yeah, it is pretty. And this is called Jackmanii. And so, we'llplant several of these here around the garden and hopefully it'll attract the bees thatwe are looking for for our vegetables. Okay. Do vines need a lot of help as faras growingé I mean, do you have to put fertilizers or, you knowé

Yes, you need to treat them just like youwould any of your perennials. Chris Okay. 'Cause they are perennial, they will losetheir leaves. These will lose their leaves, but the stems will still be there. You'regoing, we're going to plant them. They're gonna need well drained soil. Chris Yeah. And I know we have a problem with that inthis area, so we're going to add some amendment to raise up the area that we're gonna plantthem so we know that they will be well drained.

And then, I would put a little bit of fertilizerwith them. Chris Okay, so you would, okay. As when you plant them. And about once ayear fertilize and with a slowrelease fertilizer. In the fall, I'd let them do what they'regonna do. And I would let them go through the winter and in the spring is when I would,February is when I start looking at trimming them back if I was going to trim them. Chris Okay, okay. Okay. This one's already staked a littlebit and that's good. We'll leave that in the

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