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Last January, January 6ththe official day of the polar vortex we experienced really damaging temperatures.Anywhere from around twenty below zero to about sixteen below zerowhere it killed the fruiting buds and it killed actual grape vines.And we've never experienced any damage like this before.And we've never we really didn't know the extentof the damage on the vines until April May in that time frame when we didn't see anybuds developing and even some of thetrunks cracked.

But the impact of that was dramaticwe have no crop at all in our vinifera and we grow varieties like Chardonnay, PinotNoir, Cabernet Franc, Rieslingand without any grapes, we were forced to buya lot of grapes. But it's had a huge impactas far as the grape production not to mention the actual wine losswhich is two or three years spanning. Because in some of the vineyardsthat will have to be replaced from the ground up

with new vines we will not get the first crop is three to four years out.So the impact is just dramatic and millions and millions of dollars.Actually in the viticulture program at Ohio Stateone of our focus of the research is cold hardiness of grapes.So really that's one of my expertise in this fieldof learning more about how grapes cope with freezing with cold in general.After this cold event our growers really needed a lot of help in terms of how to not onlyassess

the damage but also how to deal with the vinesthat are damaged. And we conducted a lot of workshops just toshow them how to prune the vines. Our relationship with Ohio State goes wayback in the 1980'sWe've had a long standing relationship with ongoing research in the wineryand in the vineyards. Currently with Imed Damiour research stems lately from the cold winter vortexwhere we've had a lot of the vines killed and damagedfrom the minus twenty degree temperatures.

Current research is kind of involved tothe extent of the damage to determine the actual damage andto have pruning studies done to see what was the best way to prunethese injured vines. We have not had temperatures that coldsince 1994 here and myself and a lot of the grape growershave not experienced this cold damage. So we need research to help uskind of figure out what's the next step and see what our future is in these vineyards.

What We Eat in a Day Vegan 12 Veganlovlie

Hello everyone, In this week's produce groceries, we boughta papaya. Papayas are one of my favourite fruits. They remind me of my grandmother who had acouple of papaya trees growing in her garden. And they were the best ones I have ever eaten. Their flesh were reddish orange and wonderfullysweet. We would always bring a few home wheneverwe would visit her. My mum sowed the seeds from one of the papayasin our own garden one day.

They started to grow and eventually bore fruits– papayas just as sweet as the ones from my grandmother's garden. Sadly, the trees were starting to crack thewalls as they were growing bigger. With much heartache, we had to cut the treesdown. Papaya seeds are edible and you could eatthem along with the papaya. But they are peppery, so I prefer to use themseparately in the form of a spice. I allow them dry out and then grind them ina pepper corn mill. Papaya seeds have numerous health benefits.

They can help rid the body of parasites. A small amount of the seeds taken regularlyis said to be effective for liver detoxification. Kevin and I had half a papaya along with halfof a grapefruit each. This papaya was a nice one, just the rightamount of sweetness. And the grapefruit was nice too, not too bitter. This was an energizing bowl of fruits to startthe day. About an hour later, we had a second breakfastof oatmeal with some chopped raisins and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Kevin likes to chop the raisins as they canbe quite sweet sometimes. So chopping them makes their sweetness moresubtle in the porridge. We had our usual cup of tea with our oatmeal. For lunch, I was experimenting with a newveggie burger recipe. And I made some millet burgers. They were actually a request from one of ourviewers. So, I'll be sharing the recipe for theseburgers sometime in the near future. Kevin had these burgers in some French baguettewith margarine and vegan cheese spread, some

salad leaves and Sriracha. For my part, I skipped the bread. I had the burgers with salad and some roastedvegetables that were left over from the night before. I accompanied all these with some storeboughtdolmades or stuffed vine leaves. Dolmades make great appetisers but I oftenuse them as part of a meal. I do have a recipe for some homemade dolmadeson the blog. It's an old post but still a good recipe.

I plan on posting an updated version of therecipe on the channel quite soon. So stay tuned for this one too. After lunch we went out to get a few groceriesat the Asian store. We had to get some more bananas as usual. We also grabbed a rice and bean cake. I really love this one. They are sweet bean paste enrobed in glutinous rice. We always do our groceries on foot.

AK Real Meals episode 12 Easy Dolmades Stuffed Grape leaves

How do you prepare your Dolmades with onions, rice, dill, mint, grape leaves, which we pick ourselves, we make the filling then we stuff them, a bit of olive oil, and salt and pepper nice! We go into our garden, we cut the grape leaves, and then with the main chef and Georgia, we work together to make them. They are all fresh and delicious! And tell us one last thing. Why do you think the food in Lemnos is the best in the worldé because all of our produce is locally grown here in Lemnos, it's fresh and we make our food with love and a lot of effort!!! How nice! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We thank you, as well!!!

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