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Growing Grapes in Texas Jim Kamas Central Texas Gardener

I love Tait Moring's sense ofgardening style. Thanks so much for opening your gates for us. Right now we're going to talk aboutgrowing grapes. One of the hottest topics here in Texas because of all the wineries. We have Jim Kamas with us. It's great to have you back on theprogram. Welcome. Thanks, Tom, I appreciate it. Welcome back to Central Texas Gardener. You've just published a great new bookGrowing Grapes in Texas.

Congratulations on that! Thanks a lot. It took a couple years to get done, but I'm I'm pretty happy with it. Well you know, like I said, it's a hottopic. A lot of people are very interested in growing grapes in their backyard. Maybe one ofthose famous table grapes, like Concord or something like that. Well Concord ispretty tough to grow here. Concord likes acid soils which we don'thave. And it's much more adapted a cooler climates. If you wanted to grow Fredonia or some of the other lebrusca types, they'll work, but

Concord is a pretty tough one to grow here. Ok, well your book is filled with tips aboutvarieties and things like that. Let's focus on that home grower. You know , I know for example I go out to hillcountry every now and again to go to Fredericksburg, places around there. And I see wineries springing up like mushrooms now. And it kinda makes me wanna grow grapeshere in town. What does a home gardner need to know to get startedé Well if you're a homeowner and you want to grow enough vines to produce a little bit of wine

my advice is plant what you like. If you're planting a commercial vineyards we're going to have a very different discussion. But if you like Merlot, plant Merlot. If you like Syrah, plant Syrah. For smallscale, you have no big economicinvestment, so plant what you like and go with that. Yeah okay, that makes sense. In terms of the space needs, the sun,

all those kinds of things, grapes arerather particular and disease prone. Yes. So let's give people an idea of whatthe basics are that they would need to have any kind of success. Sure. Commercially our rows are spaced nine to ten feet apart, but in the backyard if you are maintaining the row centers with alawnmower or something, you can place the rows as close as six feet apart.And you can also go as tight as five to six feet between vines. You can put a lot of vines in arelatively small space.

So small space is OK. When we talk about the rows, we are talking about providing structures on which the the vines can grow and supportthemselves. Yes, a lot of times in California you'll see these free standing vines that are called head pruned vines. They don't do very well here because we need to keep our vines up off the ground because it rains here duringthe summer and they are very disease prone as you mentioned.

The California Garden In June Tomatoes Grapes More in 4K

hello friends in the monthly gardeningseries of tutorials today we will look at the California garden in the month ofjune since we have a lot of things to cover in today's episode i have listeddown all the parts of the tutorial that we will be looking at today jingle so let's start with a tour of the garden so the onions are growing well and arecontinuing to form bulbs in the next bed we have okra that has grown alittle bit taller now and look at the

this corn bed so I dedicated one raised bedor two growing corn only and you can see that it's a jungle out there the peppers and eggplants are alsogrowing very well and we will go over all of these vegetables in detail in alater section of the tutorial and the tomatoes have grown very well too as youcan see we have made sure that the tomatoes have remained disease free forthe most part and they're doing pretty well we have several varieties of tomatoesgrowing you can see the yellow tomatoes there are some red cherry tomatoes redbeefsteak tomatoes as well so all in all

our tomato bed is doing very well andmoving on to the heist and beans we covered growing this bean in ourprevious monthly tutorial and it's growing pretty well this bed had garlic which we harvestedand replace that with some bush beans I also have some peppers and eggplantsthat are growing in containers towards the corner as you can see here jingle so we have some carrots growingthese are the atomic red carrots

we planted them in whiskey barrels andthey're growing pretty well and should be ready for harvest a very soon our pomegranate trees are growing verywell this year now pomegranates need some chill hourswhich means that they need cooler winters in order to produce good fruit luckily we had some good chilly days thiswinter and as you can see here the pomegranate tree is growing well its producing a lot of flowers and it'sproducing a lot of fruit and

and we should be able to harvest thesepomegranates by around october or november this year we also have onmoringa plans that are growing and flowering like crazy I hope to get to harvest some partslater during the summer we have our bitter gourd that's growing in a container this isthe first year i'm growing these in containers after a long time and they seem to bedoing well as you can see here the fruit

is being formed the bitter melonextremely healthy for you you should try growing this sometime ifyou haven't already tried it and moving on to our hyacinth beans as we sawgrowing pretty well now hyacinth beans are very different variety of beans i haveanother tutorial where I have covered a growing hyacinth beans in completedetail so this is how it looks like the podsare quite flat and it tastes very different than regular beans if you haven't tried growing hyacinthbeans give it a shot

The California Garden In May First Tomato Harvest in 4K

it's the spring season and the Californiagarden is alive welcome to the California Gardenin the month of May so let'slook at what is growing in the California garden we have tomatoes, ourtomatoes have grown very well in this month and you can see they've alreadyfromed fruits now I'm going about five varieties of tomatoes this season andwhen you see these flowers emerging make sure that you pollinate them by handmanually so that you can get a lot more fruit as you can see here now some ofyou have asked me a question and that's since tomatoes are windpollinated do you really need to

pollinate them by hand well it depends if you have a lot ofwind in your area if you have a lot of bees that are visiting your plants itsok to not hand pollinate them but I just do that because the bee population hasbeen decreasing a lot these days and the only way to ensure that your tomatoplants has fruits is to hand pollinate them now a lot of green houses whichproduce tomatoes harbor bumblebees they actually breed bumble bees forpollination and that is why the toothbrush method that Idescribedin my earlier tutorials

works very well to pollinate tomatoes and as you can see these are the cherrytomatoes and are growing pretty well now they even started ripening and now let's moveon to the pepper plant this plant has been over wintered from the last season this is thechile de arbol pepper plant and you saw an update back in Jan and this plantwasn't growing very well but look at it now it's producing a lot of peppers asyou can see here and as it gets warmer the pepper plant will produce a lot ofpeppers so this is a good cold hardy pepper plant that can be grown easily

and okra seedlings have come up verywell and they're waiting for the weather to get warmer so they can grow to theirfull potential and grapes grapes they've grown pretty big and this is the firsttime we're getting grapes from our grapevine and I'm very excited as Imentioned in my previous episode as well because the grapes were being formedand now you can see that the grapes have gotten quite big and they've grown overthis wooden support the arbor that's there next to the grape plant and the corn has been growing pretty well aswell this variety of corn is the Triple

Crown hybrid variety and is the firsttime I'm trying out this corn variety and so far it's grown pretty well this bedwas enriched with some good organic matter once the cabbages wereharvested from this bed from the earlier season and as you can see herewith a lot of organic matter a lot of compost that was added there these plantsare going pretty well they're getting all the nutrients they want and corn needs a lot of water in the initial stages so make sure you water your conplants very well and another vegetable that's growing in ourgarden right now are carrots

growing in the whisky barrel container as well this5 gallon pot and May is a good time to grow carrots it's neither too warmnor too cold, perfect for carrots we also have bush beans this time I triedgrowing bush beans in this whiskey barrel container and so far they've beendoing well we're already seeing some flowers and some beans being formed andthis is pretty much the perfect weather to grow beans and here you can see some beansbeings being formed the small pods that you see and they will eventually becomelarger in size and coming on to our harvest now we have a lot of vegetablesin May beginning with red potatoes and

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