Planting Sweet Potato Vines

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missouriwinery1 Missouri WineriesThe Experts at Chandler Hill a Missouri winery talk grape growing. More info 636798CORK.Also St. Louis MO, Augusta Mo Wineries, Hermann MO wineries, St. Genevieve MO wineries. Hi I'm Adam Burns with Chandler Hill Vineyards,the closest of the Missouri wineries to St. Louis. I often get questions about our wineries products,services or the winery itself People ask quot;What are the perfect growing conditionsfor MO grapeséquot; The answeré

The ideal temperature is a high in the upper80s and low in the mid 60s. The Missouri climate makes the state a great place for grapes.As any Missouri native can tell you, the state has long, hot summers with good sun exposure.This paired with the thin rocky Ozark soil is excellent for growing grapes. If you're on a quest to discover the bestMissouri wineries, then you're likely to visit the Hermann MO Wineries, Augusta MO Wineriesand the St. Genevieve MO Wineries. You might even check out some near Rock Port too, butif you live close to St. Louis and you're looking for a romantic getaway in Missouriwhy travel further than you needé

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Growing Vegetables Growing Sweet Potato Vines

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr. Green Thumbquot;.This is a sweet potato vine. Now we have sweet potatoes that you can grow as a vegetable,and this one will also give you that vegetable also. But this one probably is grown moreoften as an ornamental. But, that being said, if you'll wait to about 120 to 140 days, andyou dig down around the base of it, if you got it in a nice friable soil, one that haspeat, and really improved type soil, you'll find that by the end of fall or early winterseason, when the plant sometimes get snipped back a little bit, you can dig down thereand find some wonderful sweet potatoes that you of course can use in the traditional fashionthat you've always have; from sweet potato

pie, to making sweet potatoes on the grill,or cooking them in different ways. This plant takes full sun, to partial shade. And of courseit has a nice kind of creamy white foliage that makes it a nice landscape plant, a niceground cover plant also. In fact sweet potato vines have really become a very popular plantin the landscape industry. For on Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr. Green Thumbquot;.

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