How To Plant Vines In Pots

Prairie Yard Garden Growing Grapes

(gentle music) Prairie Yard Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret YackelJuleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a nonprofit rural education retreat center in a beautiful

prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm, shalomhill Did you hear that a new crop is appearing on the prairieé Growing grapes has created an interest among a few individuals who like the challenge of adapting it to our region. Join me on Prairie Yard Garden as we visit a vineyard to learn about the process and challenges

of growing grapes on the prairie. (soft lighthearted music) A new crop has appeared on the prairie: growing grapes And today I have Florian Ledermann with me who's been involved with the process for the last four to five years. Florian welcome to the show and tell me, how did you get interested in growing grapesé ^We got interested actually at the

University of Morris's Horticultural Night. We sat down in a tent and learned that the university just released four new varieties of grapes that are actually coldhardy. And before that, I always kind of figured grapes were the crop that just kind of came up and never really bore and died every winter and died back. So that's what spiked our interest.

And so that very nextspring, we bought five. And they survived and I did a little more research and decided to go with an acre. And a year later, another acre so we ended up with 1,350 vines as a result of that little adventure in Morris. Larry That's interesting. 1,300 vines, how long does it take you

to put all those in the groundé Florian We used family labor. (Florian laughs) So we had, it took us, I think probably when we were planting, it took us about threedays to put one acre in. That would be for the planting. The posts and the trellis system and everything

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Tomatoes are an excellent container plant.So even if you don't have a yard, you can still enjoy that garden fresh flavor. Plantseedlings in good potting soil, burying a few inches of the stem. Keep the plant wellwatered and fertilized, and make sure it has good drainage in the pot. Patio type tomatoes,such as this bush early girl, do well in pots because they stay small, but even larger tomatovarieties will thrive in a large pot. If possible, site container tomatoes in full sun.

Using Tropical Vines in Containers

Other vines you can consider for the garden are the tropical vines. Here's a Mandevilla . Mandevillas are excellent for the garden especially for the summer time in the north as they offer that tropical look with their exotic flowers and these are very easy to grow in a nice sunny location, in a moist, welldrained soil.

And here again they'll need some type of supportas this is a twining type of vine so it kind of curls itself around a support and will bloom all summer long. And again The tropical vines even though for midwestern gardens might seem a bit out of place they are excellent for the summer garden. So consider them if you want a tropical or an exotic influence in your garden space.

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