Growing Vines On Houses

Four Arm Kniffin System for Growing Grapes

David Handley: I'm David Handley, vegetableand small fruit specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Today we'regoing to be talking about a simple system for pruning hardy grapes here in Maine. The pruning system I like to use is very simple.It keeps the plant open, so it gets light in the summer time, but it also protects theplant a little bit in the winter. This system works best with concord type or labrusca typegrapes, which are the grapes that tend to grow best in Maine. There's really a couple of systems that willwork well for labrusca type grapes. The first

one I want to talk about is the four arm kniffin,and that's what we're going to prune first. The four arm kniffin consists of a perennialtrunk, which goes from the ground right up to a top wire, which is set at about fivefeet. Coming off of this trunk, we will have four arms, or canes, oneyear old growth.Two on the top wire, running each side of the top wire, and two on a lower wire. Thislower wire should be set at about two and a half feet off the ground. Every year, we're going to come in and pruneit so we continue to have a perennial trunk, but only four one yearold trunks to producethe fruit.

Here is our permanent trunk. You can see here,this is a cane from last year. Two yearold cane, this was our fruiting cane last summer,and you can see the difference. Here's this year's cane, that nice chocolate brown colorand smooth bark, and here we go with the older cane, the two yearold cane. The bark is startingto peel, and has more of a gray look to it, so we know that this particular shoot isn'tgoing to fruit again. It's the one yearold shoots that come off it that will fruit. This is going to get pruned out, so that wecan keep our fruiting wood closer to the trunk. We'll just take that back to a good fruitingshoot, and we'll start to cut it out. This

is where it gets fun. We need to wrestle thisout of the trellis, and of course, all these little tendrils have tied it up and aroundmost of the growth that's there. It takes a little bit of cutting, but be careful notto break the fruiting canes that you want to leave behind. Pull it off, and that will open the plantingup so we can see what we have left for good fruiting wood for this year. We've taken offthe four fruiting canes that we left last year, and you can see pretty much all that'sleft, at this point, is the green shoots from last year, that will provide us with goodfruit for this year.

Now we need to choose which four we want toput up. We're going to have four canes. One, two, three, four. Two for the lower wire,two for the upper wire, each heading off in different directions. What I want to look for in this case is canethat's got this nice chocolate brown color, and is about 38 of an inch in diameter. Aboutthe width of your little finger. If it's thinner than that, if it's very weak, it won't producegood fruit. Thin stuff like this, less than 38 of an inch in diameter, we'll just cutthat right out. Here we've got one that's going to go in thisdirection, that looks very nice. I'm going

to count, remember we want about 10 buds onit, so we'll count our buds. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. ThenI just cut out beyond that, because the weaker stuff at the very end isn't going to producevery good fruit. I have my four arms, but you can see I stillhave some leftover canes. What I'm going to use these for are what we call quot;renewal spurs.quot;I'm going to cut these back so that they just have one or two buds on them. What I'm goingto use these buds for, the green shoots that will emerge from these buds and grow out,will be the canes that I'll be putting on the wire next year for fruiting. We call thesequot;renewal spurs.quot;

Growing Plants Vertically Using A Simple Low Cost DIY Garden Arbor

Hey there everybody, how's it goingé It'sDan from plantabundance . Today I just wanted to share with you guys how I went about putting together this garden arbor with an entry gate to the main part of thegarden. Here we've got some 'Wisteria Sinensis' otherwise known as 'Prolific'. This is anabundant flowering shrubvine. It reflourishes in the months of June and July. And will usuallystarts blooming in the second year, which is what's happened here. We've had them in theground for two years and these are the first blossoms we've had. Moving right along, youcan see we got some of this 'Opo Squash' or 'Bottle Gourd' hanging down from the trellis.Now this is a really cool vegetable. It's

got a nice refreshing mild taste. You harvestthem when there about ten to twelve inches long for eating. People will actually usethem once there dried out to make things like water bottles bird houses and all kinds ofstuff. here we got some dried pole beans.I need to collect the dried beans from those.Here's another shot of the arch of the arbor. Over on the other side here we have a treecollard that's leaning against the arbor and you can see where it's poked through hereand created a little dense cluster where a couple birds have made a nest up there. Nowthese 'Purple Tree collards' are a perennial brassica from the cabbage family. They'rerich in fiber, calcium and contain no oxalic

acid so you can eat as many as you want. Here'ssome more 'Wisteria' poking through. You can see in the back there the structure of thetree collard coming up. It's a really dense and strong structure that's really doing agood job helping to hold this arbor in place. What do we got hereé This bumble bee has cometo say hi. It's a beautiful day out here in the garden. I'm enjoying shooting this tutorialand sharing it with you guys. The construction for this project was very simple and low cost.All that I ended up using was four of these 5' tposts which I then connected tothis 16' piece of cattle panel using just a little bit of tie wire. Other thanthat, a couple 4x4's that are holding the

gate in place also tie wired to the tposts.And the gate itself was just some left over 2x4 boards I had framed out to create a nicelightweight swing gate. So that's it guys. Just wanted to share with you how things aregoing out in the garden around the arbor. I hope you're having a great day and I'llbe talking to you soon.

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