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Growing Grapes

We have plenty of wild concord grapes on ourproperty. However, the insurance company doesn't approve of our harvesting methods so it'sprobably best to plant some cultivated grapes. When I cleared the land for the greenhouse,it left plenty of area to plant various fruit producing plants which don't need the greenhouseto thrive. Plus why waste the space just growing grassé Taking a look at my 3rd grade drawing skills,I'm going to set three 4x4x10' treated posts 34 feet into the ground and space them 24'apart. This will allow for 8 plants in the space. Then I'll string 12 gauge galvanizedwire starting with the first wire 4246quot; from

the ground, then space the other two 12quot; apart.The plants can be spaced 6' apart and over time the vines can be trained along the 3wires. I had planned to set the posts first in theevent that I hit any large rocks while digging, however I blew a seal on the backhoe and hadto find some parts for it. So I took my chances and put the plants in first. The row shouldgo in a straight line and a 100' tape measure works well for marking out the locations ofeach post and plant. Jamming a piece of survey's tape at each mark does the trick. We're goingoldschool and using a pickaxe and shovel and digging a hole about 1 foot deep. Luckilythere weren't any large rocks in the way just

a few roots and small stones that the pickaxewas able to pluck out. Later, looking at the post holes, you'll see why I didn't dig themby hand. Planting the vines is fairly easy. I got theseseedless concord grapes from Gurney's for half price. I just remove the fiber that'sused for keeping the roots damp, spread out the roots a bit, and set it in the hole sothat all the roots that emerge from the vine will be just below the finished level of thesoil. All the dirt that came out of the hole was hardpan so I filled it with nice organicsoil, then compacted it down, and gave it a really good watering. It also importantto cover the area with mulch to help maintain

the moisture in the soil until the roots canget established. These will get watered every day for a couple of weeks. The actual work of planting the vines is quick.It's the preparation of digging out the rocks that takes all the time. A 30 cent Oring and a day to dismantle andreassemble the valve assembly and the backhoe is running again. I can now install the postsfor the wire arbor. It may not be the fastest backhoe, but it beats digging through therock with a pick and shovel. The holes are dug to about 4 feet which will provide a deepenough anchor to prevent the posts from leaning

from the future weight of the vines. Someof the rocks that I pulled out where bigger than the hole. If I had to dig these by hand,I probably would have only dug down a couple of feet, and then would have to anchor theposts with concrete and guywires. It seems like a really big hole for a post,but without an auger with rock drilling bit, it's probably the easiest way to set a post.A little cleanup at the bottom of the hole and it's ready. I'm using 4x4 treated lumberrated for direct burial. I'm not a fan of using treated lumber, but in order for itto last a long time, it's a necessary evil. I like to add two temporary cleats to thepost to help support it while I'm set it plumb

and backfill the hole. I also like to dropa few rocks around the base to hold it in place when I start to fill it in. I'll fillthe hole several inches at a time and compact it between each layer, then clean up the areawith some more woodchip mulch. The first wire starts roughly 4246 inchesfrom the ground and the second and 3 wires are spaced 12 inches apart. It will be theperfect snacking height for the deer. At each marking I'll drill a 38quot; hole through thepost and then put in a 516quot; eyebolt. The back side has a large fender washer and nut.Having a large washer will help to keep the nut from pulling into the post under the weightof the vines. It's fairly important to make

Pruning Grape Vines

Hi, I'm Tricia, an organic gardener. If you want bunches of grapes on your grapevines this summer, then you need to do your winter pruning. I'll show you how! There are two types of pruning: cane and spur pruning. And both of them should be done late in the season, between January and March. We're gonna start with cane pruning, because all table grapeswill be productive with that method.

For cane pruning, I'm gonna choose one to two canesfrom last year's growth on each side of the vine and I'm going to cut the rest! You can tell the age of a cane by its bark. 1yearold canes have smooth bark,older canes have shaggy bark. When choosing which canes to keep, you're gonna choose a cane that's coming off very close to the trunk, as compared to onethat's coming off of a branch, like this. The canes that you keep should have about 15 buds along the length of the cane. And they should be close to the top of the vine.

Don't choose canes that are too thin or too thick. Choose them when they're about pencil size. I'm gonna tag the canes that I'm gonna keep with this ribbon, and I'm going to cut the rest. I want to make sure and not cut a good cane. These are the 2 fruiting canes that I'm going to keep. For every fruiting cane that I keep, I'm going to cut another cane into a renewal spur. A renewal spur is a cane cut to 2 buds and these buds are going to create next year's fruiting canes. If your cut starts to bleed, don't worry, that's normal. It won't hurt the vine.

After seeing how this vine is shaping up, I don't think I need this cane after all. So you're gonna cut your fruiting cane back to about 15 buds. And if you have any lateral branches coming off this cane, that's the time you would cut them. For grape vines growing on arbors, the first thing you're gonna do is cut off any suckers that are coming offthe main vine or cordon. And then you just want to cane prune. You want to keep one cane and one renewal spur for every 1 2 feet of cordon. This grapevine has been neglected and hasn't been pruned in a couple of years.

So, before I actually start the spur pruning, I'm going to clean it up. Typically, spur prune varieties are trained to a bilateral cordon, which are these thick branches on either side of the trunk. These cordons can be pruned to length, but they're never pruned all the way off, back to the trunk. Mine are maintained at about 3.5 feet. A spur is last year's growth, cut back to 2 buds. Ideally, you're gonna want 7 spurs on each cordon. And on this cordon, I'll probably get close.

On the other cordons, I'll have to wait until next year because this vine was neglected. The canes that make the best spurs are the ones that are going upward, close to the cordon. Prune all the canes to spurs and then select the best 7 for each cordon. Ideally the spurs should be spaced about 6 inches apart. Don't worry if they're not, just strive for some nice spacing between the 7 spurs on each cordon. Even though this is a nice cane, it's growing too far from the cordon, so I'm gonna snip it off. Tame your grapes and Grow Organic for Life!.

Red Vines vs Twizzlers Red Licorice Challenge Review

Ya know . it's only junk food if youswallow it . it's time for Food Snot! Hi, I'm Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot.There has been a battle raging for years and years and years and years it's thebattle of red licorice you know what I'm talking about and it's today's battle: Red Vines vs. Twizzlers. Wars have been fought over red licorice and innocent peoplehave died and there are killers roaming the streets with licorice knives it's devastating and it makes me hungry all at the same time I happen to love black licorice but it'sbeen proven by science that I am the last human being on planet earththat likes black licorice . so I guess

I'll have to review the red stuff okayé Solet's get into this now . so first we try the Red Vines ok truth be told . these are nasty . theytaste like metal . did you ever suck on a penny or a dime when you were a kidé yeah that's what Red Vines taste like tome . what fruit flavor are they supposed to beéé Are these lead paint flavoredé Idon't taste fruit I hate them yuck! okay so it's time to try the Twizzlers YUM I like these. They're a bit harder and chewier than the Red Vines but they

taste like strawberry . yes they have aflavor . a fruit flavor . a strawberry flavor Drum roll . for my taste buds theseTwizzlers win hands down. But I know that there's a lot of people out there whoprefer Red Vines so today I'm gonna get a few kids involved here and see whatthey think okayé Here's kid number one: (kid) these ones are the best. Well that's because you have good taste! Alright so another vote for Twizzlers next kid number two here we go: (kid) I think this one wins . It's nice and sweeter than the other one. (Food Snot) well some people say I'm nice and sweeter but most people don't. Okay so she likes the RedVines . we may have to take that kid to a

and get her taste buds checkedout. Alright one more . Kid number three A really little kid they seem to knowtheir stuff . here we go (kid) ahhh. I think that this one is kind of yuckier than this one . this one is so good. (Food Snot) So you're saying the Twizzlers are kind of yuckieré Another vote for Red Vines. I can't figure out theirtaste buds . no wonder kids eat coins! So I guess it's a tie . 2 for Twizzlers and 2 for Red Vines but it is my show after all and I do make all the decisions soplease ignore the little kids and know that Twizzlers are better okayé And don'tjust take my word for it take my word also . here take it! Okay it's time for me to get out of here. I will be back

next week with more fun and who knowsnext week I may have a gourd giveaway You guys would like that wouldn't youé disclaimer: there's not going to bea gourd giveaway next week or any other week for that matter . okayé Until next week I am the Food Snotsigning off . so long . Hi, I am Tom Cote and I am the. (cough cough) My Little Pony scrawny and boney . How can you people like those Red Vinesé So if you guys enjoy these tutorials pleasethumb it up and also leave a comment below tell me what you want me to review nextokayé Also if you like the Food Snot .

subscribe to this channel and if youwant email notifications telling you when I make these tutorials go to mywebsite TomCote and submit your email address okayé that's all I got.

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