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Growing Grapes in Texas Jim Kamas Central Texas Gardener

I love Tait Moring's sense ofgardening style. Thanks so much for opening your gates for us. Right now we're going to talk aboutgrowing grapes. One of the hottest topics here in Texas because of all the wineries. We have Jim Kamas with us. It's great to have you back on theprogram. Welcome. Thanks, Tom, I appreciate it. Welcome back to Central Texas Gardener. You've just published a great new bookGrowing Grapes in Texas.

Congratulations on that! Thanks a lot. It took a couple years to get done, but I'm I'm pretty happy with it. Well you know, like I said, it's a hottopic. A lot of people are very interested in growing grapes in their backyard. Maybe one ofthose famous table grapes, like Concord or something like that. Well Concord ispretty tough to grow here. Concord likes acid soils which we don'thave. And it's much more adapted a cooler climates. If you wanted to grow Fredonia or some of the other lebrusca types, they'll work, but

Concord is a pretty tough one to grow here. Ok, well your book is filled with tips aboutvarieties and things like that. Let's focus on that home grower. You know , I know for example I go out to hillcountry every now and again to go to Fredericksburg, places around there. And I see wineries springing up like mushrooms now. And it kinda makes me wanna grow grapeshere in town. What does a home gardner need to know to get startedé Well if you're a homeowner and you want to grow enough vines to produce a little bit of wine

my advice is plant what you like. If you're planting a commercial vineyards we're going to have a very different discussion. But if you like Merlot, plant Merlot. If you like Syrah, plant Syrah. For smallscale, you have no big economicinvestment, so plant what you like and go with that. Yeah okay, that makes sense. In terms of the space needs, the sun,

all those kinds of things, grapes arerather particular and disease prone. Yes. So let's give people an idea of whatthe basics are that they would need to have any kind of success. Sure. Commercially our rows are spaced nine to ten feet apart, but in the backyard if you are maintaining the row centers with alawnmower or something, you can place the rows as close as six feet apart.And you can also go as tight as five to six feet between vines. You can put a lot of vines in arelatively small space.

So small space is OK. When we talk about the rows, we are talking about providing structures on which the the vines can grow and supportthemselves. Yes, a lot of times in California you'll see these free standing vines that are called head pruned vines. They don't do very well here because we need to keep our vines up off the ground because it rains here duringthe summer and they are very disease prone as you mentioned.

Annie Newman Studio 07946 047959 Mural in a Wine Cellar Come paint with me

Hi, my name is Annie Newman, and in this tutorial,there are some tips and ideas from my new book, Come Paint With Me Finishing TouchesFor Timeless Interiors. Thank you very much for watching, thank you. Hi, I'm Annie, my name's Annie Newman, andthank you very much for watching, I'm doing a mural in the cellar today, and, first of all, Istart with doing the sketches, of grapes, of a Tuscany landscape.   Interior design and decorating inspired bya passion for art.  Creating memories with finishing touches for timeless interiors. Come paint with me.

And I'm very much inspired by Graham Rust. I'm just going to be doing a bit of colouringin, all in monochrome.  I use gold, and it's, er, acrylic from Reeves, and then I use, um,a bit of, um, sienna, and, and then, cream colours, and sandstone colours, and a tinybit of black.  And, um, I'm just going to show you, a very simple technique.  So Ipaint in all this area, paint it all in, just round here. Paint from light to dark, use a glaze to givethe grapes more depth.  A Tuscany scene in the horizon gives the mural more perspective

See more work by Annie; Google Search 'AnnieNewman' and head over to her website.  While you are there, leave a comment, or make anenquiry, in the sidebar comment box. Annie's book, Come Paint With Me FinishingTouches For Timeless Interiors, will be available to download from Amazon, and for a strictlylimited few days, it will be free.  To receive advance email notification of the free downloaddays, register your email address by following the link on Annie's website.

Premiere Estates Auction Company Presents Villa De Madre Suisun Valley CA

Welcome to the Suisun Valley and the entrance to the grand Villa deMadre. This spectacular estate is going up forauction on Sept 10, An unbelievable opportunity that you canobtain at amazing value. Premier Estates AuctionCompany is proud to welcome you to the Suisun Valley. Not far from NapaValley, and situated halfway between our state'scapital, Sacramento,

and the world famous, San Francisco Bay. Like a great villa suddenly appearing in the Tuscan Vallies of Italy, Villa de Madre grabs your attention. Is it real or is it a dreamé It is certainly real. Nearly 23,000 square feet of it and flanked by 80 acres of pristine, rich valley earth. The Estate graces your welcome with an olive treelined driveway leading you tothe main residence.

a stunning Mediterranean estate home. You're immediately taken by the soaring24 foot ceilings and the gorgeous dual windingstaircases. The one feature you can't seem to get enough of and is perfectly placed outside of every room in the estate are the pastoral valley views. The builder obviously thought of that when designing and constructing the Estate. My name is Lisa Sutton, our companySutton Construction, Inc. built

the home for Willis and Joyce. The home is primarily 24' x 24' Jerusalemgold limestone; it's honed. When you get into theformal areas, we did polished marble in Jerusalem Limestone. Crema Marfil polished in the dining rooms. There'sMichelangelo granite around the formal fireplaces. This home was designed and built with love for family, friends,great parties. There's not a room in the house that'snot missing a ceiling detail, a piece of

crown molding. The overall property is the most uniqueproperty that you're ever going to find. The centerpiece of his great Estate:the great room. It's graced with this grand fireplace customcrafted from floor to ceiling 24 feet tall! So if you ever want to get away from itall, you certainly don't have to go far in this Estate, because you can step right into your own indoor swimmingpool room.

34 foot tall ceilings, walls of glass. The master retreat: once you step foot inhere you may never want to leave again. At over 2,000 square feet you could actually get lost in this place. The retreat features his and her offices,frescoes on the walls and the ceilings. And tucked in the lowerNorth corner of this grand Estate is the guestquarters: a two bedroom retreat. Gentlemen start your engines!

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