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Home Vineyard Growing Wine Grapes at Home

Hello and welcome to my home vineyard Let's get a lay of the land. As you can see thisis just a simple side yard it's got about 55 feet of space long twentysix feet of space wide we elected to go with twenty twofoot long rows northsouth facing uh. the rows are spaced about five feet apartto give us ample space for the vines to grow

and for us to manage and walk through we are planting about four plants per row to give it plenty of space to spread out and grow for the rows, we used uh. just simple fenceposts these are eightfoot fence post sunk about threefeet deep we tried to go about two feet deep butit wasn't uh. it just simply wasn't stable enough so we went that extra foot for stability

the wire is fourteen gauge wire uh. we elected to go with the verticaltrellising partly because it was easier and partlybecause uh. the north south facing rows, it allow it to get sun at all hours of the day uh. we have a drip irrigation linesran along the bottom we will be using half gallon per hour drips two per plant that allows us to adjust the water

water flow and manage the irrigation a littleeasier than if we used a heavier flow we'll actually be planting syrah grapes because we tend to be in a warmer, drier climateduring the summer doing something like pinot noirwould require greater cooler temperatures. that sort of thing that's our vineyard. We'll be planting the grapes nextweek and we'll come back then.

Uncensored David Choe Interview for myFinBec 2013 Graffiti Art and Wine

I've been chased out of Kansas City. I'm notallowed into Canada. I'm not allowed into Japan. I was almost not allowed back intoAfganistan. David Choe. Steve Lazarides:Dave is an amazing painter. The freedom of expression that he has is quite unlike mostother painters that I know. Most of the stuff that he is painting comes right out of hishead. So most people are using reference material to refer to, Dave is just drawing on thatvast pit of imagination that's somewhere inside of his mind. So he is a very free and loosestyle. Which makes him a very interesting

painter. Dave could paint a 200 meter muralout on the street, or sit for hours on end painting with a one hair paintbrush. So hehas a massive versatility of style. Art Meets Wine 8 Paintings For 8 Wine Labels, on 672 Wine Cases 1. quot;BOXHEADSquot; Real graffiti is vandalism. It could be prettyor it could be ugly but it's in a different context. When I come to Europe, the peopleI see buying spray paint at the stores are couples, families, little kids. In America,if you're at the spray paint store the people

coming in are teenagers with hooded sweaters on, that's what you expect. My career in graffiti has actually been prettyshort, I've not spent.not to shatter any illusions, even though I am wearing a butthole shirt. I've not spent that much time, maybe in my early teens, actually destroyingtons and tons public and private property. I mean who am I BSingé I still doit a little bit now, but for the most part it just a very sexy word in this day and age. Ipaint murals, I spend ninety percent of my time doing watercolors, which is consideredthe most pussiest of artforms. 2.quot;Hentai Disorderquot;

I was painting the eight different paintingsand I went back and forth between quot;do I want to make eight paintings that look like theyare in a series, or eight paintings that are totally different from each otheréquot; As ifeight different artists had painted them. I had a little bit of an idea for certainpaintings as I started them, but for that one I said this is one I just want to havecomplete fun with it. For the painting of the head, I was like I just want to have funwith this one, I dont want to think about it at all. I just want to go free form andthrow paint and make a big mess and let it dry and then what ever I see that comes outof it then I will just keep pulling things

out, so that one is actually my favorite onebecause it is just madness and chaos and then shaping it into something. 3. quot;Red Shoe Diariesquot; The one with the .there's a couple andthe girl is wearing red cowboy boots and the guy is wearing red tennis shoes. That oneI named quot;red shoe diariesquot;, which is based off some soft core cable stuff I used to watchin hotel rooms when I was on the road. And I just looked at them and I said they areboth wearing red shoes and one is making direct eye contact and one is awkwardly looking away.

It's like things come to you as I am paintingthem. Like that one, it's a man and a woman, are they a coupleé are they noté who is goingto be drinking this wineé is it going to be a first dateé are they going to be havinga good conversation or is it going to be awkwardé 4. quot;Bird Brainquot; There's a woman that I painted looking upwhich was sort of difficult, but I wanted it ultimately to be horizontal. And I hada really crazy hairstyle for her to fill out the whole space. Just walking up and downthe winery, I keep seeing the Fin Bec duck logo. So I tried to put the duck in her hair,but then it looks like a weird crown instead,

How to Fix a Trellis on a Stone or Brick Wall

Hi I'm Craig Phillips and welcome to my trade tips. Today I'm out in the garden, and I'm going to show you how you can fix trellis to a stone wall. The first stage is to find the location in your garden that is suitable for your plants. Offer it up against the wall and just put one mark on the brick when you are happy with the height. Using a 4mm wood drill piece I am going to drill a clearance hole through all four corners. This will allow the screw that I'm using to sail through. Now all four clearance holes are drilled in the trellis, I have chaged the setting on the drill to a 'hammer action' setting and I have used a masonry drillbit in here. So I am going to drill through the clearance hole and mark up for a pilot hole in the stonework.

Remeber when drilling any type of stonwork allways use your safety goggles. Once I have made my first mark into the stonework I can drill all the way. With this really tough stonework Ihave started off using a smaller masonry drillbit, just 6mm, that will act as a pilot drill and then I will put a larger one in there to make the right size hole for the irght size plug. Now the 8mm hole is drilled into the blockwork, I can apply a 8mm rall plug, I can push my screw through the clearance hole of the trellis. lift it into position. At first tighten it by hand, once it starts to bite. Take your drill and drive it in. Once you have got the one screw in it it will start to take the weight. As you can see the trellis will move at this point.

So it is ideal for getting your spirit level on, let the first screw take the weight, Get it perfectly level and mark it up with your pencil Around all four corners. Once you have got it perfectly level, then change the drill setting back to the hammer action, put a masonry drillbit in and drill through through your last three clearance holes. Then you can simply slide it away, put your plugs in and screw it firmly into position. So now the one screw is taking the weight of the trellis and holding it into position. I am now going to drill pilot holes through the other three clearance holes.

Mark the wall first Then I can simply slide the trellis to one side which will allow me then to drill the brick work. drilling Once you have got all four screws firmly screwed in to the corners, your trellis is now complete. All you have to do is decide what plants you want to grow on it. If you are planning any DIY tasks in the near future, you may need a little bit of advice on tools or some top DIY tips. Well visit silverlinetools .

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