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Growing Grapes in Texas Jim Kamas Central Texas Gardener

I love Tait Moring's sense ofgardening style. Thanks so much for opening your gates for us. Right now we're going to talk aboutgrowing grapes. One of the hottest topics here in Texas because of all the wineries. We have Jim Kamas with us. It's great to have you back on theprogram. Welcome. Thanks, Tom, I appreciate it. Welcome back to Central Texas Gardener. You've just published a great new bookGrowing Grapes in Texas.

Congratulations on that! Thanks a lot. It took a couple years to get done, but I'm I'm pretty happy with it. Well you know, like I said, it's a hottopic. A lot of people are very interested in growing grapes in their backyard. Maybe one ofthose famous table grapes, like Concord or something like that. Well Concord ispretty tough to grow here. Concord likes acid soils which we don'thave. And it's much more adapted a cooler climates. If you wanted to grow Fredonia or some of the other lebrusca types, they'll work, but

Concord is a pretty tough one to grow here. Ok, well your book is filled with tips aboutvarieties and things like that. Let's focus on that home grower. You know , I know for example I go out to hillcountry every now and again to go to Fredericksburg, places around there. And I see wineries springing up like mushrooms now. And it kinda makes me wanna grow grapeshere in town. What does a home gardner need to know to get startedé Well if you're a homeowner and you want to grow enough vines to produce a little bit of wine

my advice is plant what you like. If you're planting a commercial vineyards we're going to have a very different discussion. But if you like Merlot, plant Merlot. If you like Syrah, plant Syrah. For smallscale, you have no big economicinvestment, so plant what you like and go with that. Yeah okay, that makes sense. In terms of the space needs, the sun,

all those kinds of things, grapes arerather particular and disease prone. Yes. So let's give people an idea of whatthe basics are that they would need to have any kind of success. Sure. Commercially our rows are spaced nine to ten feet apart, but in the backyard if you are maintaining the row centers with alawnmower or something, you can place the rows as close as six feet apart.And you can also go as tight as five to six feet between vines. You can put a lot of vines in arelatively small space.

So small space is OK. When we talk about the rows, we are talking about providing structures on which the the vines can grow and supportthemselves. Yes, a lot of times in California you'll see these free standing vines that are called head pruned vines. They don't do very well here because we need to keep our vines up off the ground because it rains here duringthe summer and they are very disease prone as you mentioned.

Virginia Agriculture NASA DEVELOP Summer 2013 Langley Research Center

Develop Summer 2013Virginia Agriculture Analyzing Raster to Make Virginia VineyardsVaster gt;gt; Taylor: Due to the growing success of Virginiawine, the Commonwealth is interested in expanding vineyards across the state. gt;gt; Todd Haymore: We really need to plant moregrapes to keep up with demand because when you're having 810% sales growth a yearobviously you're going to have to have more sources to make the wine and that comes backto the grapes. gt;gt; Taylor: In order to successfully establisha new vineyard, a grape grower must identify

the most suitable growing conditions for grapevines.Grapes require very specific physical and biological conditions for cultivation. Temperatureplays a critical role in grapevine growth, so we met with viticulturalists in Virginiato better understand important temperature parameters. gt;gt; Sonia: So how much does temperature playa roleé gt;gt; Matthew Meyer: Oh a lot. gt;gt; Sarah: Using Land Surface Temperature datacollected by MODIS, an instrument aboard NASA�s Aqua satellite, we sought to enhance currenttemperature data derived from the National

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weatherstations. Weather Station data collects air temperature measurements at discrete locationswhich are then interpolated and can overlook conditions such as elevation.MODIS provides continuous data, which accounts for elevation in land surface temperature. gt;gt; Sonia: Ten years of daily MODIS Aqua datawas processed using Python programming and ESRI ArcGIS software. Data was analyzed usingequations from our research and climate parameters important to viticulturalists. gt;gt; Meredith: Our team calculated the numberof growing degree days based on the Winkler

Scale, a common method in viticulture forclassifying temperature regions. Tempranillo, Syrah and Grenache are the grape varietalsconsidered most suitable to Virginia�s climate. gt;gt; Pete Johns: Our last frost date is April15th. gt;gt;Sonia: How do you know that April 15th isthe last frost dateé gt;gt; Pete: History. This may 14th was a killerfrost in the rest of the state, and they lost the majority of their crops in some areas. gt;gt; Sonia: We also examined the risk of a commondisease known as Pierce�s Disease. Because of its mild winters, Virginia grape growersshould be cautious of this ailment as the

disease can survive through the winter iftemperatures do not dip below 10�F. gt;gt; Sarah: We also evaluated mean growing seasontemperature, and how this may change over time. Growing season temperatures are importantfor verasion, the onset of ripening in the grape. The formation of sugars and acids inthe grapes may occur too early if temperatures are very warm, or too late if temperaturesare not warm enough. Either fluctuation can affect the quality of wine the grapes willproduce. According to the 4th and most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateChange, there are multiple possible climate change scenarios that could alter annual averagetemperatures by 2099. We calculated and mapped

each scenario for the year 2050. gt;gt; Meredith: Just as temperatures that aretoo warm can affect wine quality, so can temperatures that are too cool. A surprisingly late springfrost can damage budding grapes, and an early fall frost can reduce leaf canopy, interruptthe ripening process, or affect vine�s winter hardiness. gt;gt; Taylor: These maps will be provided tothe Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, so they can be distributedto Virginia grape growers. Our outputs will help growers make informed decisions aboutselecting an appropriate location for a vineyard

Leprosy Sin Uncleanness Minister Navarro Faith Gospel Church Tacoma WA

For those listening on the radio, My nameis Minister Navarro speaking from Faith Gospel Church in Tacoma, where Pastor John E. Rutlandis my pastor. We are reading from the book of Mark Chapter1 verses 4045 KJV and it reads as printed. And there came a leper to Him, beseechingHim and kneeling down to Him and saying unto Him, If thou wilt thou canst make me clean.And Jesus Moved with compassion and saith unto him. I will be thou clean. And as soonas he had spoken, immediately the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed. Andhe straightly charged him, and forthwith sent him away. And saith unto him, See thou saynothing to any man: but go thy way, she thyself

to the priest, and offer for thy cleansingthose things which Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them. But he went and beganto publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter, insomuch that Jesus could no moreopenly enter into the city, but was without in desert places: and they came to him fromevery quarter. And I have for a title the words: Leprosy,Sin, Uncleanness. You may seat down.Now we see in this episode in the Bible, Jesus was teaching, He was teaching and in the synagoguespreaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. He was healing all manner of sicknesses, allmanner of diseases among the people, and His

fame went throughout all of Syria. They broughtto Him all sick people with different diseases and torments. They that were possessed withdevils, they that were lunatic, them that had the palsy, were paralytic and He healedthem. He healed them all. And then he was followed by a great multitude.From all the surrounded regions and areas around where he was.So no doubt, this leper heard about Jesus. He no doubt thought that He has healed everyonethat has come to him, he has healed all sickness and he can surely heal mine!I am talking about: Leprosy, Sin, and Uncleanness You see this man, He had Leprosy. Leprosy.Leprosy in the Bible stands as one of the

most vivid, descriptive examples, examplesof how powerful and destructive sin can be in a man or a woman's life. Sin can be asdestructive as leprosy. See people who had leprosy were said to bevanished and rejected by God, and at the same time they were rejected by society.Wee see a, in Leviticus chapter 12 through 14 and it speaks about the law that God gaveto Moses concerning leprosy. It talks about how to detect it, how doesit start. With just a little white spot, whether in your hand, you head anywhere in your body,just a little white spot. And then it starts to spread all over yourbody.

But immediately when there is some detectionor something that maybe leprosy, you are supposed to go to the priest, so he can check on you.Then you were put into quarantine for several days, and then they check on you again andthen quarantine again, and all this time you are away from your family.You away from society, you are locked in a place until at least they know for sure thatyou have leprosy. And if you do you are cast out. Once a personwas found with leprosy his whole life was changed.And is the same thing with sin, When you have sin in your life, your life changes, yourlife starts to go the direction that it shouldn't

and it also can spread to others just likeleprosy. Your disease can spread to others if you arenot careful to infect others with your leprosy, this leprosyof sin. See a person that has leprosy he shouldn'tget in contact with others but not just others, God sees your sins as leprosy.See God cannot commune with you. We are having communion today and God cannot have a relationshipwith sin. God is sinless, God is perfect and so thereis no sin in Him. There's no imperfection in Him and there shouldn'tbe some in you if you are going to have a

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