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missouriwinery1 Missouri WineriesThe Experts at Chandler Hill a Missouri winery talk grape growing. More info 636798CORK.Also St. Louis MO, Augusta Mo Wineries, Hermann MO wineries, St. Genevieve MO wineries. Hi I'm Adam Burns with Chandler Hill Vineyards,the closest of the Missouri wineries to St. Louis. I often get questions about our wineries products,services or the winery itself People ask quot;What are the perfect growing conditionsfor MO grapeséquot; The answeré

The ideal temperature is a high in the upper80s and low in the mid 60s. The Missouri climate makes the state a great place for grapes.As any Missouri native can tell you, the state has long, hot summers with good sun exposure.This paired with the thin rocky Ozark soil is excellent for growing grapes. If you're on a quest to discover the bestMissouri wineries, then you're likely to visit the Hermann MO Wineries, Augusta MO Wineriesand the St. Genevieve MO Wineries. You might even check out some near Rock Port too, butif you live close to St. Louis and you're looking for a romantic getaway in Missouriwhy travel further than you needé

Also, If you run a business and you're lookingfor St. Louis activities to take you're team to, or if you're a maid of honor or brideto be and are looking for St. Louis wedding venues, or St. Louis wedding reception venuesthen look no further than Chandler Hill Vineyards, one of the best St. Louis attractions. For more information regarding our vineyards,visit us at the winery or online at chandlerhillvineyards Also, if you would like to get our specialoffer go to MissouriWinery1 .

Natal Plum Fruit Tree Edible Hedge that stops Elephants

So the Natal Plum is an African fruit Natalof course is a region in South Africa and this is where the Natal plum is native to.So these formidable thorns are to protect it from all those African animals such aselephants. Now we've just cut this one so you can see that it's bleeding a bit of latex.That's just because it hasn't been left to sit. So if you actually pick these and cutit open the next day you are not going to have that same bleeding of latex that we'vegot here while we are showing you these fruit. We just wanted to show you the size of them.You can see the tiny little seed on my finger tip so that's the seed inside and these beautifulfragrant flowers they just cover the bush

and it's a really attractive plant. It's alsoan excellent hedge plant, so the plant itself is covered in quite formidable thorns makingit a great choice if you want to grow a hedge that you don't want anyone getting through.You can cut them back you could cut them back to about a metre in size if you wanted tobut if you leave it to grow it's going to grow 4m approximately. But it is a reallylovely plant to grow and as I said it makes an excellent choice for an impenetrable hedge.

Return to Bonsai Beach following up on last years Lake Tahoe graffiti cleanup

Welcome to Fabulous Lake Tahoe, your local'sguide to the very best of America's yearround playground.I'm Jack Durst, and I'm here at Bonsai beach for the Bonsai Beach reunion. So Much of the time here in Lake Tahoe whenI cover things here on my channel about the environment, you guys never find out how itwas resolved or whether it was even resolved at all. So I'm coming back to Bonsai rockto do the second day of graffiti cleanup on the graffiti restoration I did in Novemberand I'm going to be catching up with some of the people from the original Bonsai Beachgraffiti restoration and I'm also going to

be catching up on some of the environmentstories I've covered on my channel over the years. Check it out. Hey you guys, I'm Dylan Eichenberg and I helpedcoordinate the first graffiti cleanup last November and since then it's been a lot ofprogress. The TRPA actually recognized me and, I mean, I think it recognized everyonewho was part of this for helping keep Lake Tahoe clean and beautiful, improving the qualityof what we already have. Also, my good friend Sam Rossi and I, we wrotea grant, thanks to Sam who discovered it, and we actually wound up recieving over $1000that we're going to put towards graffiti supplies

to clean up the rest of this beach. We'reout here today scoping out how things look and it looks a whole lot better than it didlast time out here in November and we think that over the winter the graffiti deteriorateda lot more. So we're working on catching where the new graffiti is if there's any or whatspots we still need to hit up. We're going to be back here in October. Iwant to het a huge group of people. I know we're going to have media attention and we'regoing to have a lot of organizations involved in this process. So, by October, I hope tosee everybody out here. You know, our goal is to leave this beach immaculate. There havebeen over 50 graffiti tags but our goal is

to anihilate all of it, and with this grantthat really made that possible for us. We're going to be able to buy more graffiti cleanupsupplies than I ever thought possible. So, I want to send a thankyou to Boreal ski resortwho sponsored us for this. It's been a real good ride, there's a lot of people involvedand I'm hoping to keep on growing that effort. Pete Hall here with my little minimic andwe're here at Bonsai Beach and we've done a great job at cleaning up. I'm just so proudof everybody and their contributions. Today I walked around and I picked up mostly metaland glass and it looks like this pulltop has been here for about 10 years. So it'sbeen a big problem here. So, one thing we

could all do, folks, is that when you're atthe beach and you see something that is glass or metal and that could cut a kid's foot,just pick it up, please, and that way we're improving the situation and making our beachesway better here in Lake Tahoe. Thank you very much. Jack Durst You guys may remember this rockfrom the previous Bonsai Rock graffiti cleanup, and I gotta tell you guys that this rock iswhy I came back to Bonsai Rock today. I didn't get to finish cleaning it the day we wereout here and I felt bad about not (finishing) cleaning it. This thing has killed 3 brushesso far and I am halfway through the third

brush. The graffiti is a lot less than itwas before. I'll put up on the screen what it looked like before, but it's still notquite there yet and I'm a big believer in doing it until it's done. SFX: Scrubbing and splashing noises. Hi, how's it goingé My name is Cody Libermanand I'm with People of Tahoe, and we're here at Bonsai Beach doing a little catchup onwhat we've done in the last 6 months. Man, it's great to come out here and see all thefamiliar faces and see all of the hard work that we've done. Things are just working outgreat, you know. A lot of stuff that was here

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