Grape Trellis Drawings

Growing Grapes

We have plenty of wild concord grapes on ourproperty. However, the insurance company doesn't approve of our harvesting methods so it'sprobably best to plant some cultivated grapes. When I cleared the land for the greenhouse,it left plenty of area to plant various fruit producing plants which don't need the greenhouseto thrive. Plus why waste the space just growing grassé Taking a look at my 3rd grade drawing skills,I'm going to set three 4x4x10' treated posts 34 feet into the ground and space them 24'apart. This will allow for 8 plants in the space. Then I'll string 12 gauge galvanizedwire starting with the first wire 4246quot; from

the ground, then space the other two 12quot; apart.The plants can be spaced 6' apart and over time the vines can be trained along the 3wires. I had planned to set the posts first in theevent that I hit any large rocks while digging, however I blew a seal on the backhoe and hadto find some parts for it. So I took my chances and put the plants in first. The row shouldgo in a straight line and a 100' tape measure works well for marking out the locations ofeach post and plant. Jamming a piece of survey's tape at each mark does the trick. We're goingoldschool and using a pickaxe and shovel and digging a hole about 1 foot deep. Luckilythere weren't any large rocks in the way just

a few roots and small stones that the pickaxewas able to pluck out. Later, looking at the post holes, you'll see why I didn't dig themby hand. Planting the vines is fairly easy. I got theseseedless concord grapes from Gurney's for half price. I just remove the fiber that'sused for keeping the roots damp, spread out the roots a bit, and set it in the hole sothat all the roots that emerge from the vine will be just below the finished level of thesoil. All the dirt that came out of the hole was hardpan so I filled it with nice organicsoil, then compacted it down, and gave it a really good watering. It also importantto cover the area with mulch to help maintain

the moisture in the soil until the roots canget established. These will get watered every day for a couple of weeks. The actual work of planting the vines is quick.It's the preparation of digging out the rocks that takes all the time. A 30 cent Oring and a day to dismantle andreassemble the valve assembly and the backhoe is running again. I can now install the postsfor the wire arbor. It may not be the fastest backhoe, but it beats digging through therock with a pick and shovel. The holes are dug to about 4 feet which will provide a deepenough anchor to prevent the posts from leaning

from the future weight of the vines. Someof the rocks that I pulled out where bigger than the hole. If I had to dig these by hand,I probably would have only dug down a couple of feet, and then would have to anchor theposts with concrete and guywires. It seems like a really big hole for a post,but without an auger with rock drilling bit, it's probably the easiest way to set a post.A little cleanup at the bottom of the hole and it's ready. I'm using 4x4 treated lumberrated for direct burial. I'm not a fan of using treated lumber, but in order for itto last a long time, it's a necessary evil. I like to add two temporary cleats to thepost to help support it while I'm set it plumb

and backfill the hole. I also like to dropa few rocks around the base to hold it in place when I start to fill it in. I'll fillthe hole several inches at a time and compact it between each layer, then clean up the areawith some more woodchip mulch. The first wire starts roughly 4246 inchesfrom the ground and the second and 3 wires are spaced 12 inches apart. It will be theperfect snacking height for the deer. At each marking I'll drill a 38quot; hole through thepost and then put in a 516quot; eyebolt. The back side has a large fender washer and nut.Having a large washer will help to keep the nut from pulling into the post under the weightof the vines. It's fairly important to make

How to Fix a Trellis on a Stone or Brick Wall

Hi I'm Craig Phillips and welcome to my trade tips. Today I'm out in the garden, and I'm going to show you how you can fix trellis to a stone wall. The first stage is to find the location in your garden that is suitable for your plants. Offer it up against the wall and just put one mark on the brick when you are happy with the height. Using a 4mm wood drill piece I am going to drill a clearance hole through all four corners. This will allow the screw that I'm using to sail through. Now all four clearance holes are drilled in the trellis, I have chaged the setting on the drill to a 'hammer action' setting and I have used a masonry drillbit in here. So I am going to drill through the clearance hole and mark up for a pilot hole in the stonework.

Remeber when drilling any type of stonwork allways use your safety goggles. Once I have made my first mark into the stonework I can drill all the way. With this really tough stonework Ihave started off using a smaller masonry drillbit, just 6mm, that will act as a pilot drill and then I will put a larger one in there to make the right size hole for the irght size plug. Now the 8mm hole is drilled into the blockwork, I can apply a 8mm rall plug, I can push my screw through the clearance hole of the trellis. lift it into position. At first tighten it by hand, once it starts to bite. Take your drill and drive it in. Once you have got the one screw in it it will start to take the weight. As you can see the trellis will move at this point.

So it is ideal for getting your spirit level on, let the first screw take the weight, Get it perfectly level and mark it up with your pencil Around all four corners. Once you have got it perfectly level, then change the drill setting back to the hammer action, put a masonry drillbit in and drill through through your last three clearance holes. Then you can simply slide it away, put your plugs in and screw it firmly into position. So now the one screw is taking the weight of the trellis and holding it into position. I am now going to drill pilot holes through the other three clearance holes.

Mark the wall first Then I can simply slide the trellis to one side which will allow me then to drill the brick work. drilling Once you have got all four screws firmly screwed in to the corners, your trellis is now complete. All you have to do is decide what plants you want to grow on it. If you are planning any DIY tasks in the near future, you may need a little bit of advice on tools or some top DIY tips. Well visit silverlinetools .

Grapes From the Vineyard Wool From The Flock

Grapes From the Vineyard, Wool From The FlockMay 1, 2016 The kindness and wisdom of Our Lord Jesusbe with you all Heartdwellers. I'm going into prayer after I post this so there maybea message later today. Please forgive my delays, I'm not quite 100% yet, but I do so appreciateyour prayers and kind words to me. I have the most loving and kindly audience I haveever seen on a YouTube channel and I am profoundly grateful for each one of you. Thank you somuch for your prayers. Lately, I've been a little complaining…poorJesus. I ask for crosses and then when He allows them, I complain. Lord teach me tobe thankful even in adversity. I want this

with all my heart. Gratefulness opens the door to God's blessingsin our lives. When we are grateful, mountains of problems are leveled, doors that were slammedshut begin to open, relationships that were frozen cold begin to thaw, hearts desiresbegin to be manifested through God's intervention. I've seen that over and over again, so thelast thing I want to do, even on a practical level, is complain! I believe the most hurtful thing I have doneto the Lord, has been my ungratefulness, complaining and impatience. I believe we all get tunnelvision and forget the many benefits that sustain

us every day of our lives, things that wehave not earned, things that God has protected and blessed us with. For instance, I take for granted the blessingsothers have labored over and forget to really engage those who have helped me with substantialsigns of gratefulness. A phone call, a card, special prayers, perhaps a gift, mean so muchto those who have supported us, prayed for us, carried our burdens along with their ownheavy crosses. But now, our channel has grown so big, we do not have the staff to do thatany longer the way we would like to. I find it interesting that ministries likeVoice of the Martyrs also do not acknowledge

gifts. They are spending money in the missionfield on Bibles, food, tents and blankets, for the destitute. They're really, reallyliving on the raw edge out there. We have a missionary couple who are in Belgium rightnow, or.gone to Greece, actually. To serve in the camps there for the displaced personsand the refugees. Those people are desperately poor. I really have to give Voice of the Martyrscredit, because they're not doing all kinds of programs to raise money. They simply takecare of their people, and they don't get involved with all of that. I may not get a thank youcard from them, but I know what they're spending their money on. That makes it all worth while.

I believe God's servants and ministers arethe most overlooked group of people who work selflessly to help others. They are not the'hired hands' who run when the wolf attacks the flock. They day after day lay down theirlives, their comforts and their agendas to protect those who have looked to them forencouragement in the drought, comfort in an uncaring and callous world, the truth of Jesusand His teachings in a confused and misinformed world. Their work reaches into the very heartof our lives and helps to keep us connected and healthy to the wellspring of life, JesusOur Lord. I believe that how we feel about the Lordis reflected in the way we treat His servants.

Are they last on the list in our lives, orfirsté Do we show our gratefulness by seeing to their basic needs or do we just take themfor granted and assume they are independently wealthy. This is very funny and couldn't be furtherfrom the truth in our case. We used to live on less than 13 of the national poverty levelfor the United States. In other words, think of the poorest people you know and considerwhat life on only one third of their income would be like and that was us. But kindlisteners have helped us and now we are even able to help the desperately poor on occasions.

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