Grape Trellis Direction

Prairie Yard Garden Growing Grapes

(gentle music) Prairie Yard Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret YackelJuleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a nonprofit rural education retreat center in a beautiful

prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm, shalomhill Did you hear that a new crop is appearing on the prairieé Growing grapes has created an interest among a few individuals who like the challenge of adapting it to our region. Join me on Prairie Yard Garden as we visit a vineyard to learn about the process and challenges

of growing grapes on the prairie. (soft lighthearted music) A new crop has appeared on the prairie: growing grapes And today I have Florian Ledermann with me who's been involved with the process for the last four to five years. Florian welcome to the show and tell me, how did you get interested in growing grapesé ^We got interested actually at the

University of Morris's Horticultural Night. We sat down in a tent and learned that the university just released four new varieties of grapes that are actually coldhardy. And before that, I always kind of figured grapes were the crop that just kind of came up and never really bore and died every winter and died back. So that's what spiked our interest.

And so that very nextspring, we bought five. And they survived and I did a little more research and decided to go with an acre. And a year later, another acre so we ended up with 1,350 vines as a result of that little adventure in Morris. Larry That's interesting. 1,300 vines, how long does it take you

to put all those in the groundé Florian We used family labor. (Florian laughs) So we had, it took us, I think probably when we were planting, it took us about threedays to put one acre in. That would be for the planting. The posts and the trellis system and everything

How to Build a Simple Corner Trellis

This simple corner trellis does doubleduty as both a sturdy support for your plants and a beautiful edible landscapingelement in your yard. Use it to grow cucumbers, melons, peas,beans or virtually any other vining plant. To begin, attachthe post cleats to the main post. These will support side assemblies whenit's time to connect them. Be sure to set each one one and a halfinches from the corner between them. If you are using a finial, attach it to thetop end to the main post now. Next attach the top rail cleats to theside posts

so the angles point in the samedirection. Later on this will allow the top rail to fit snugly. Measure along the side posts and markwhere the bottom rails will go. Using those marks as guides, attach thebottom rails to the side posts. Then attach the top rails to the top rail cleats and the side posts. Finally, place the lattice evenly on top of eachassembly and attach it. Now you're ready to put it all together.Clamp one side assembly to the main post

and attach it to the post cleat inseveral places. Dig holes for the main and side posts, then set the assembly in the holes andadjust the depth, if necessary. Dig a hole for the secondside assembly, set it in place, clamp it, and attach itto the other post cleat on the main post. Make sure the structureis secure and steady, then you're ready to prep the ground andplant. For more great DIY garden projects, visit BonniePlants

One Acre Garden Update from P Allen Smith Growing Tomatoes

Welcome to the acre garden. Just take alook at my tomatoes. They are just absolutely outrageous. They are growing sowell. Now when you place tomatoes in your garden, you need to think about what varieity you planted. This is one calledSun Gold. It's indeterminate, meaning that they will grow at an indeterminatelength. It has beautiful little golden colortomatoes on it. They're sweet as candy and what it will do is it will grow overthis entire hoop that I've made. It's a perfect support system for anindeterminate tomato.

Okay, now let's talk about the best wayto plant a tomato. Come over here. You know planting a tomato couldn't beeasier. You have to follow a few basic steps. First thing you want to do you wannatear the plastic wrapper of the biodegradable pots like I'm doing here. Okay. Once that is off, what I like to do is tear away the top of the biodegradable pot likethis and I like to save the tag because itreminds me of what I planted. Here we're planting a Juliet

which is also an indeterminate. MeaningMiss Julia is gonna climb all over this wire hoop that I'vecreated. All right. Now I'm going to pinch of any lower stems or leaves. I know looks like it hurts butit doesn't. The tomato will love you for it. Pinch it off even up to here I'm going to tear into the peat pot and rip off the bottom, just a little bit.This gets the roots started in the right direction. It needs to be off to a good start. Then Isimply dig a hole in soil that's really rich with lots ofcompost.

Like that. Water it in. Fertilize it and you're going to have somany tomatoes you can't believe it. Check in regularly on our acre updates. For more information, go to BonniePlants . Just look at you. You're happy now aren't youé.

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