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Prairie Yard Garden Growing Grapes

(gentle music) Prairie Yard Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret YackelJuleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a nonprofit rural education retreat center in a beautiful

prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm, shalomhill Did you hear that a new crop is appearing on the prairieé Growing grapes has created an interest among a few individuals who like the challenge of adapting it to our region. Join me on Prairie Yard Garden as we visit a vineyard to learn about the process and challenges

of growing grapes on the prairie. (soft lighthearted music) A new crop has appeared on the prairie: growing grapes And today I have Florian Ledermann with me who's been involved with the process for the last four to five years. Florian welcome to the show and tell me, how did you get interested in growing grapesé ^We got interested actually at the

University of Morris's Horticultural Night. We sat down in a tent and learned that the university just released four new varieties of grapes that are actually coldhardy. And before that, I always kind of figured grapes were the crop that just kind of came up and never really bore and died every winter and died back. So that's what spiked our interest.

And so that very nextspring, we bought five. And they survived and I did a little more research and decided to go with an acre. And a year later, another acre so we ended up with 1,350 vines as a result of that little adventure in Morris. Larry That's interesting. 1,300 vines, how long does it take you

to put all those in the groundé Florian We used family labor. (Florian laughs) So we had, it took us, I think probably when we were planting, it took us about threedays to put one acre in. That would be for the planting. The posts and the trellis system and everything

Tree Plant Care What Time of Year to Plant Grapes

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment,we're going to answer the question, when is the best time to plant grapesé When is thebest time to plant my grape plantsé Well grape plants are really easy to grow. They're justa vine. They're kind of a bush that grows into a little bit of a vine where you cantrain the branches. And they're easy to grow in the fact that they need full sun. And gooddrainage and lots of water. And the best time to transplant them is in the winter or earlyspring. Because you don't want to transplant them once they've started to grow and they'vestarted to bloom or they have new leaves or when they have fruit on them, because thenyou'll lose the fruit for that year. So you

want to transplant them in the fall when allthe foliage is died back and all the grapes have been taken off of them, and there's nothingbut stem left. And when you transplant them, be very careful not to cut them back too farto the ground, because sometimes if you cut it all down it won't come back. But then again,it is a root. So even if you do cut it all the way down, most of the time, it will comeback. But if possible, leave it a few feet tall so that you've got some main branchescoming up that you can trim them back so you're really only trimming down the branches wherethey're coming in where they're still on the small side. Once they become woody, if youcut it down to that point, it might just die.

So you want to make sure that the next yearthere's going to be some new growth. So basically, cut it back down to the point where there'sstill some foliage or there was some leaves this year. And just trim it down, cut it awayfrom its supports, dig it up, and leave it at least one foot around or more. Becauseyou're trying not to disturb the roots too much. Because it's better to leave the dirton the roots and to leave them solid and then turn around and transplant them in a new spotright away. Because if you do cut back the roots too much, sometimes you disturb themtoo and then you have to wait even longer for them to produce fruit again.

How to Identify Spring Flowers in Bloom Grape Hyacinth

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveenbulbs And in this series we're learning all about how to identify our spring blooming flowerbulbs. We all have lots of flowers in the spring that bloom and a lot of times we don'thave any idea what their names are and that's ok you don't have to know everybody's nameat your party. But a traditional flower that many people recognize including your grandmotherwould be the Muscari or Grape Hyacinth. So Grape Hyacinth, or Muscari are really, reallypretty because they look like little bells, it looks like someone just pinned a thousandlittle bells on a stem and they're that bright, bright blue purple color, that the kind ofthe bottoms are more of a purple and then

they fade to a lighter blue on the top. Andthey are very grassy looking, they look like little grass coming up. And they bloom fora long time, mine has been blooming for two or three months now, and they are startingto get to the end of the bloom. They are starting to make these little seed pods, so again wheneverI have seed pods too, I always plant these back in the ground. They might not do muchfor awhile, you can even dry them and save them and then plant them or give them awayto friends. So you can actually plant them and start them by seed and by bulb and that'swhy they multiply pretty quickly. So I'm just going to leave these blooming here for a fewyears and in about three or four years I will

probably have ten times the number that Ihave now and at that point I'll probably divide them and put them in different areas. Muscarior Grape Hyacinth are really a pretty traditional plant that many people recognize and theyare easy to grow, they multiply quickly so you almost have to watch out, because theywill really crowd a bed out over the years. But it's easy to maintain them, just everyfew years dig some out and put them in a different area or give them away, always find somebodyelse that wants them. And they're just really pretty and traditional and I love them. Nextwill talk about another beautiful spring blooming flower bulb that blooms real early and that'sPuschkinia.

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