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Last January, January 6ththe official day of the polar vortex we experienced really damaging temperatures.Anywhere from around twenty below zero to about sixteen below zerowhere it killed the fruiting buds and it killed actual grape vines.And we've never experienced any damage like this before.And we've never we really didn't know the extentof the damage on the vines until April May in that time frame when we didn't see anybuds developing and even some of thetrunks cracked.

But the impact of that was dramaticwe have no crop at all in our vinifera and we grow varieties like Chardonnay, PinotNoir, Cabernet Franc, Rieslingand without any grapes, we were forced to buya lot of grapes. But it's had a huge impactas far as the grape production not to mention the actual wine losswhich is two or three years spanning. Because in some of the vineyardsthat will have to be replaced from the ground up

with new vines we will not get the first crop is three to four years out.So the impact is just dramatic and millions and millions of dollars.Actually in the viticulture program at Ohio Stateone of our focus of the research is cold hardiness of grapes.So really that's one of my expertise in this fieldof learning more about how grapes cope with freezing with cold in general.After this cold event our growers really needed a lot of help in terms of how to not onlyassess

the damage but also how to deal with the vinesthat are damaged. And we conducted a lot of workshops just toshow them how to prune the vines. Our relationship with Ohio State goes wayback in the 1980'sWe've had a long standing relationship with ongoing research in the wineryand in the vineyards. Currently with Imed Damiour research stems lately from the cold winter vortexwhere we've had a lot of the vines killed and damagedfrom the minus twenty degree temperatures.

Current research is kind of involved tothe extent of the damage to determine the actual damage andto have pruning studies done to see what was the best way to prunethese injured vines. We have not had temperatures that coldsince 1994 here and myself and a lot of the grape growershave not experienced this cold damage. So we need research to help uskind of figure out what's the next step and see what our future is in these vineyards.

My Australia Episode 10 Part 1

Hello, Iím Vijay Khurana. Welcome to My Australia,the show about people from overseas having Australian experiences. Itís all about food today. Hereís whatíscoming up. Akki earns some cash picking grapes, Weiping goes crab catching and Faye digs in at a community garden. Fruit picking is a popular type of work foryoung people in Australia and itís a great way to meet people from other cultures, butitís also hard work.

Letís see how Akki goes picking grapes. My name is Akimitsu Miyazato. People callme Akki. Iím originally from Okinawa Japan. Itísa little island, southern Japan. Born and raised there. Grew up going to thebeaches and play sports and I was there til 18. I have a lot of friends I made. Well, my room mate is from Australia so firstgot to meet him and learn a lot from him. Down the street from where I live

Ssssh! Thatís the wallabies, theyíre basicallysmall kangaroos. I didnít know about it but there are so manyof them. Check it out. I finish university. I am hoping that I amgetting a Masters degree and Iím now here at the Mundubbera in Queenslandfive hours from Brisbane and I am at caravan park, staying in a caravanpark, going to fruit picking which is grape pickingnow and itís very hot but making money.

So this is my room, itís a big tent and witha small bed and I brought my guitar and Notebook computer,suitcase, very simple life, and you know I just comeback, work, at night, maybe one, two beers, play some tunes, some songs and try to composesome different songs my own. So this is where I always hang out with myfriends. This is the kitchen dining area. There are so many foreign students, you know,itís a break from the school so, from India. There are a lot of Koreans.

Majority of students are from those countries.They came and working. I bought Korean curry powder so Iím justgoing to ask them how I make this curry because I can't read this Korean. If for you are three to four, five personyou can put everything. Okay, okay. Okay. Good luck. Yeah, thank you.

We start working at five oíclock am, itísstill dark. Hi, itís 37. 37. This side. First day I only picked three boxes, whichis, I couldnít probably tell you the price ofwhat I earned but itís pretty pretty low. Itís very hot. Even though we start workingat five oíclock, by nine oíclock the sun is,

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