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Caring for Young Grape Vines

My name is David Handley, I'm with the Universityof Maine Cooperative Extension, and we're here to talk about how to prune and traina young grapevine. This is a vine that was planted last spring. We got it from a dormantplant, or rooted cutting, and you can see the original part of the planting right here.This is what we got from the nursery, with a good root system under it. We planted it,and we had a bud break and some vine growth. This is last year's growth right here. Thiswas a green shoot. Typically, you may get more than one shoot developing. You may haveseveral buds on here. We want to prune this back to one strong vine, your strongest one.We're going to arrange for that to be tied

up to a trellis, because this particular vineis what's going to become our permanent trunk, or the permanent part of the plant that'sgoing to be with us for the life of the planting. We want to make sure it's the strongest ofthe vines that we can choose from. Any other one that developed that's very weak, we canjust cut that out, select our best one. The time of year to make these cuts are whenthe canes are dormant, and this is going to be really any time after the new year, untilthey bud out in late March, early April. We hope in the first year that we get enoughgood growth that we can tie it to the lower trellis wire.Typically here in Maine, we're going to be

pruning to either a four arm kniffin trainingsystem, or an umbrella kniffin training system. Those trellises consist of two wires, oneset at about two and a half feet, and a second wire set at about five feet.We hope in the first year that we're going to get enough good growth to reach at leastthe bottom wire, but in order to make sure it's growing straight, you can see we supportedthis with a small bamboo pole. Any kind of planting stake will work, and we just tiethat vine up as it grows, rather than let it grow along the ground where it can getrot problems, and not develop a nice straight growth like we want. We tie it up, just likeyou'd tie up a beef steak tomato, get the

growth that you want.As I said, we've got pretty good buds here, reaching up to the first wire. You can seethat I actually make it to the top wire, but you can see the growth up here is very scrawnyand spindly, and isn't really going to lead to a good, strong trunk. I'd rather actuallystart new growth for reaching to this top wire for next year.What that means is that I'm actually going to cut this off here, rather low, to try toget this bud here to break and give me a much stronger shoot to develop my trunk to thetop wire next year. I can just take that there, and then, instead of using the bamboo polethis year, I can just tie it to the wire.

This bud will hopefully break, and give mea good, strong shoot, that I'm going to reach the second wire next year. Of course, thesebuds lower down will also break, and if this one happens to be weak, I may select one ofthese. But, if this bud does turn out to be a strong shoot, I'll be cutting these offnext winter and getting my single trunk back up to the top wire.Next year, when this does reach the top wire, eventually what we'll be doing is taking oneyear old cane, and either draping it over this top wire and connecting it to the bottomwire in an umbrella kniffin, or we'll be taking one cane at the top wire on each side, andone cane at the bottom wire on each side,

to create four arms of one year old growth,for a four\uc0\u8209 arm kniffin system. Both systems work pretty well for concretetype grapes here in a cold climate like Maine.

Poultry Farming Hindi ACCESS MP

Ram Ram Byaiya Ram Ram I am Vishal Singh Dangi. I am from Access Development Rajgarh. Okay Could you tell me something about yourselfé Yes, sure. I am Bherulal Verma. I am from Beyavra Kalao under Tahsil Khilchipur and district Rajgarh

Okay, brother what are you doing right nowé Currenlty I am into poultry farming business. Okay. Okay. So, could you please tell me something about this poultary farm that you have installed over hereé Yes, sure I will tell you.

So, could you please tell me something about this poultary farm that you have installed over hereé Yes, sure I will provide you all the information Okay, then please let me know why did you install this poultry farmé This business is quite fruitful Beneficial initiative Yes, poultry farming is a beneficial business. Okay, now you tell that the poultry farm that you have developed; what are the things that you required during the installationé

First of all, you need to develop the farm like if we need to nourish and develop 2000 birds then the area required is 30 x90. Okay You can use bamboo or any other thing. Okay, now you tell me during the development of this farm, how many items were requiredé In this one, for 1000 birds you need to develop the farm in the area of 30 x 40 30 X 40é

Yes. Why 30 x 40é Because if you put more chicks then you will have make it much lengthier but the capacity of this one is 30 x 40 accordingly to accommodate 1000 birds. And if you need nourish and develop 2000 chicks then the capacity of your farm should be 30 x 90. Do you require any other itemé Like in this one basic requirement is grains and water. When chicks are very young like only 15 or 20 days old

then you need use the small utensils for grains and water. Smallé Yes. 20 utensils per 1000 birds are requiredé Per 1000é 20 per 1000. Accordingly if are taking care of 2000 birds then 40 utensils will be required. Okay. and now you need big utensils for feed them with grains and water.

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